Sqavenger Hunts

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Legend has it that Blackbeard, the infamous pirate, hid some of his treasure in the very office General Assembly is located in today! Join this hunt and find his treasure!
This scavenger hunt leads you across New York City to some of the most historic and recognizable buildings.
This is a demo sqavenger hunt at foursquare hackathon nyc 2011 showing how to create a sqavenger hunt a a few simple steps.
Find some fountains, but lets start by ask for a lion on the river!
It's a nerdcrawl!
Check out this hunt to try the voice features.
SOMA Pub Crawl
night clubs
A hunt around Cincinnati
Yext scavenger
lets see if u can unlock
Take our scavenger hunt and see how much you know about our stores!
Let's visit the city, follow the guide !
Nicor is hardcore
who am i, where am i, how did i get here?
For those who love Sundays but have little to do... here is something easy. Be sure to drink along the way
FST. To the fore! LOL
Where social is bomb.
find me and you will win some cool prizes & drinks! 1st person will win a jersey from their favorite team and a round of drinks!!!
Tom's treasure hunt
Food Adventure NY
Les sociétaires apprécient les challenges bachiques! Voici une occasion unique de réaliser cette passion pendant les temps morts...
A hunt that takes place in the mighty Waterloo, Ontario area.
Find those clues!
Checkin to locations and find the clues.
Follow the white rabbit, just to test the system...
Dit is je eerste zoektocht via Foursquare! Succes! Tip: Voor de studenten met een Week OV: doe deze zoektocht doordeweeks. Je zult hem nodig hebben.
A CP team-building activity!
Scavenge through some of Minneapolis' most popular lakes.
Come Join the most awesome party
Doe jij mee? Wie als eerste alle clues verzamelt komt op 1 uiteindelijke locatie en een prijs.
7 locations around Pittsburgh to find.
Prueba de cómo funciona
See, touch and taste some of the best Istanbul has to offer. Powered by the local knowledge of Urban Adventures.
This is a basic test of the scavenge application to see if it gets picked up by users... and how it might be used. No documentation that I can find at this point.. so.. it's all a test.
Just a test to see how this will is going to work
its pure hell you will find in this place ... remember it can be fun as hell but also evil and horrible
Ingyen kaja bicikliseknek csak ma!
questions should lead to the special event
Send the information back and get a free product from Destined 2 B U Empowerment Group. See the invisible! Achieve the impossible and Dare 2 b U on purpose!!
A scavenge around the city for vitrue client partnerships team!
Find your way around NYC with the Vitrue Client Partnerships team!
Explore KL! (dan kawasan sekitar :) )
The check-in portion of the Vitrue NYC scavenger hunt! Ending with drinks & food!
a scavenger hunt around midtown east!
Run, Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me!
La quête du graal !
A hunt on campus.
Stop in and enjoy all the Happy Hours on Wilton Drive and around Island City.
Stop in and enjoy all the Happy Hours on Wilton Drive and around Island City.
Connect the dots
Images form Colorado and India on display
A Trek for the true tribesman
The first person to eat all the candy wins. (PS this is a test)
Try out some of my favorite places.
Finish it first and get 1KG of Cheese Whiz! These are interesting haunts.
Visit different bar's to find Jani. Jani will buy you a beer!
This hunt is to locate and document environmental challenges in our community. We will identify the location and the type of challenge and include any research that can substantiate what we see as solutions to these environmental challenges.
we're just tryin this out
EP Hunt
Alpha Test .01
This is a scavanger hunt for Mumbai.
Crawl your way through downtown bars in Lafayette.
Join the Scavenger hunt for Paul Rosenthal for State Rep 49B
check in
History of places in Baltimore City